Cali weed plug delivery is the most outstanding delivery method to stand the test in 2020. We have devised the most outstanding and secure technics to ship Cali strains discreetly. Shipping most time is from our Californian based weed plug worldwide to patients and cannabis entrepreneurs. We also offer possibilities for regular customers to buy locally from our local partners and retailers.

Our efficiency begins from the point of the Cali weed packaging. Packaging determines safe deliveries. Cali packages are sealed discreetly and professionally. This makes it smooth such that the box goes through all checks without the goodness in the parcel being perceived. The sealing of Cali buds defines by so much how safe shipping and delivery could be.

Shipping time varies depending on distance or location where the receiver of the Cali package is found. The maximum to tested to whip worldwide won’t exceed 14 working days in most complicated cases. we have two to three days delivery within the USA and 5 to 7 days for the UK and EU. Buying Cali Weed from France and getting them delivered has become like buying electronic games and getting delivered within due time.

Customers are very satisfied with the delivery modalities which permit receivers to get their parcels delivered in Hotels rooms. Buyers get their packs without any signatures. Cali deliveries never prompt the buyer to show their id before getting the Cali package delivered. Parcel comes most times like different articles and instructions to unseal the parcel are always available in the tracking information. This tracking number will be provided by the Cali Weed Plug worldwide shipping and delivery staff.


Though we offer Sunday Cali buds and carts Deals, we do not actually deliver on Sundays nor does the Sunday you ordered count for the estimated delivery time frame.

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