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Caliplug Shop worldwide delivery is available for medical and recreational users. Knowing about the Caliplug dispensary and website is of great benefit for crafting your way up the ladders to access all the economic and health benefits that come with the finest Cali buds and Cali carts on the shelves of ranking Cali bud dispensaries.

We started from nothing but a dream to provide safe access to medical and recreational cannabis users from all works of life, wherever they may find themselves. At the start, we never thought we could, neither did we even have an idea of creating and the Caliplug dispensary and online store like this. We are a family, that lived far from urban life.

Cali Buds and Cali Carts

After losing a loved one due to severe cancer, I dropped computer engineering to pursue a career in the cannabis industry. My twin sister wanted, with a burning desire to study, bring value and invest in the cannabis industry. I wanted to contribute in any way to better the health and economic conditions of the few we can reach out to, seeing the benefits disposed of by this wonderful plant.

After obtaining the necessary and basic knowledge on how the production and business around medical and recreational cannabis works, we settled with team members loaded with professional certificates and experiences in the production and commercialization of cannabis stocks. Most people still find it hard to understand and believe we actually own and run the Cali Weed Plug, mindful of our sober start and former status.

This is where we literally got the momentum to turn this dream into a physical reality. Today we run one of the top most ranking Cali Weed Shops and have at all times on stock, the finest of Cali flowers and carts at the most affordable cali bud prices.

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