Cali Weed Plug Packaging. Our packaging method is discreet, straight forward, professional, 100% reliable and has always worked out smoothly and makes it through the most complex checks until it is discreetly dropped off.

For those of us who have spent our lifetimes pursuing the ultimate goal of bringing safe access to exotic cannabis products, to the people of this world for medical and recreational uses. A vast majority of these people being worried about safety and the same time they are also worried about their health some times vent into ordering cannabis products online

We strongly believe at this time that, cannabis products are definitely helping patients and many more other people, to live better lives, as well as it also helps them come to a perfect place of great relief. In that light… We stand to provide customers with discreetly and professionally sealed parcels. If you are worried about powerful scanners or dogs detecting the content of the parcel, or customs seizing the parcel, WORRY NOT for we have the latest and most effective packaging technics that will breakthrough every obstacle.