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Cali Brain Strain



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Buy Cali Brain Strain Online

The CBONB is proud to present the Cali Brain to worldwide lovers of good good smoke, this Indica pre-dominant strain, rich in power.

Cali Brain Strain Effects

Due to its high THC Content, Cali Brain strain displays a Sativa pre-dominant haste to the head from the go. This tremendous crackle in the mind settles down and englobes the body by a heavy quality high. It jas a mellow fragrance with earthy

Cali Brain Strain Warning

These top-shelf Cali buds contain Cannabis. This is a substance to keep out of reach of kids and animals. Cali Brain buds could only be used by persons aged 21 and older unless they prove to be qualified patients. The effect of these buds may last in patients for up to 4 hours. Beware of using this product during pregnancy. Talk with a Cali plug agent to buy cali brain strain online. Use extreme caution while driving or operating machinery.

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