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Cali Cart Grape Jelly

This is an amazing cali cart for all modern stoners. Cali plug is proud to present you this carefully crafted cart for you supreme leisure. buds that produce this outstanding strain, Grape Jelly is a hybrid cross that grows colorful, multifaceted buds with exciting flavors. Created by Mary Jones and Uncle Spaceman, this strain is a cross of OG Glue and Sweet Purple D (Island Sweet Skunk x NYC Diesel x Purple Mist). It develops teardrop-shaped buds with green and purple foliage that is slowly overtaken with resin as the buds mature. Grape Jelly can obliterate anxiety while keeping the consumer’s mind clear. The lingering buzz rests in the body, but keeps the mind focused and centered. This strain is a great option for reducing stress and anxiety while maintaining productive energy.

The Cali Grape Jelly Flavor

As you might expect, a first whiff of Grape Jelly’s flowers will pick up on distinct notes of grape. On closer inspection, this sweet aroma may be undercut by some sour, skunky odors. Grinding up or breaking apart these flowers, meanwhile, may yield some diesel-like fumes. When it’s combusted in a pipe or a joint, Grape Jelly burns with a pleasant-smelling smoke that may nevertheless irritate the consumer’s palate or sinuses. This smoke carries a unique flavor of grape-tinged gasoline on the exhale.

Potency Scale 1 – 5

Dominance of the Grape Jelly Cali Cart

Terpene/Smell of Cali Jelly Cartridge

Effects of Grape Jelly Cart
Relaxing, increases euphoria, mood, appetite and drowsiness.

Directions for Grape Jelly Cart
Compatible with most e-cig batteries on the market, universal 510 thread. Just screw onto your battery and you’re good to go

Cali Grape Jelly Recommendation
Great for more discreet casual days out running errands or events

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Additional information

Number of Carts

24, 50, 100


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