Hot Tamales


Cali Cart Hot Tamales.

The Cali Cart Hot Tamales smacks good and tastes bomb. Most people adore these specific carts and fuck with the fact that Cali plug uses cell now. We offer safe and affordable access to the best and authentic cali plug carts online.

Potency Scale 1 – 5

Hot Tamales Dominance
Indica Dominant Hybrid

Terpene/Smell of Hot Tamales Cart
Herbal, piney, and peppery

Hot Tamales Effects
Relaxing, increases euphoria, mood, appetite and drowsiness. When smoked, one may witness euphoria, creativity, calmth warmth, numbness, appetite gain and relief from pain The effect of this cartridge may last in patients for up to 4 hours. Beware using this product during pregnancy.
Talk with a cali plug agent to use the product. Use extreme caution while driving or operating machinery.
Buy Hot Tamales online from the most trusted California weed dispensary. The cali plug is your legit supplier of top cali plug carts aka cali cartridges

Directions for Hot Tamales Cart
Compatible with most e-cig batteries on the market, universal 510 thread. Just screw onto your battery and you’re good to go

Recommendation for Hot Tamales
Great for more discreet casual days out running errands or events

Hot Tamales Warning
This top shelf caliplug cart contains thc. This is a substance to keep out of reach of kids and animals. These premium exotic carts could only be used by persons aged 21 and older, unless they prove to be qualified patients.

Additional information

Number of Carts

24, 50, 100


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