Trix cereal cart

Trix cereal cart

Trix cereal cart


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Trix cereal cart.

These days, the black market is getting creative (not) with their packaging. Cereal carts have surfaced in parts of the USA and the world where cannabis is illegal.

THC cartridges have surged in popularity because it allows people to get high in public discreetly and on the go.

The popularity of prefilled THC oil cartridges also skyrocketed in the black market. You can see the proof of this statement on Instagram with over 10,000 mentions of the hashtag #cerealcarts. Scrolling down these posts will reveal other similar prefilled 510 cartridges we already reviewed before such as Dank Vapes, Mario carts, and Supreme Carts.

These THC cartridges are known for being clean from pesticides. If you search the lab results of these brands online, you will soon find out that most of these carts tested negative for pesticides and other unwanted substances. Trix cereal cart don’t lie about the THC content inside of the distillate oil.

There is reputable proof that these cartridges have 90% THC. There are currently no Cereal Carts pesticide test results available online. However, there are others that look very similar such as Dank vapes and Mario carts. Dank Vapes and Mario Carts both came back testing positive for pesticides. We took a closer look at more fake cartridges that we recommend checking out.


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